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I've mentioned before that I found William Strauss and Neil Howe's Generational Theory pretty darned compelling. I think I've found yet another place where it could be applied to help explain if not the actions of certain individuals, at least the words they use. My bloviations begin here. )
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A F@c&book friend posted a vid with some old dude puttin' on the WWII uniform and standing outside his house, waving at the marathon/fun run participants going by. A few saw the uniform and needed to shake his hand because, freedom or something.

I commented, "Give it a few years, and our attitudes toward military service will swing back to normal, somewhere between "Baby killer!!!" and Automatic Hero."

Folks, this Veteran Worship is kinda understandable. The Baby Boomer hippy types went whole hog with the You're Either With Us or You're Evil bullshit in the '60s, ostracizing vets who got frickin' drafted, for crying in the night; now, with a volunteer armed force, we established a backlash Thank-A-Thon, creating the social stigma that those that don't break their backs bending over backward to shout "THANK A VET, INGRATE!" aren't worthy of air.

Give it a few years. It should pass.
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I have for many years now been posting (obsessing, really) about generational differences and the probable causes and consequences that the differences make. (Don't believe me? Go here or here or here. Or here, if you wish.) All of it groping in the dark for clues to mysteries only I and a handful of thinkers even believe to be real.

Well, I've just stumbled upon two relevant points to this quest, and can speculate on more answers. One is a video.

Yeah, Millennials.

The other is a book that can explain to all who care to read it why that above video is such a brilliant and ironic dismissal of the "complaints" leveled against these poor kids. To the rabbit hole! )
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I have to admit, I was a bit shocked when a simple observation of mine, that the GOP has a plank in its platform stating its aim to "explore a greater role for private enterprise in appropriate aspects of the mail-processing system", blew up into such a kerfuffle. The GOP, after all, has long been the party supported by anti-union forces in general and business leaders with private operations that compete with the USPS. Sometimes both.

I guess I was surprised by the anti-union rhetoric spewed in that post simply because I have long held a different mindset as to what drives union membership, one that seems to me as totally non-controversial, as natural as laws driving cloud formation. My mindset has blinded me to mindsets that lack this simple understanding about human nature, that instead rely upon a complex political and pseudo-economic rational for explaining the very phenomenon of unions. I'll address the latter later, but first I'd like to share my theory regarding the bargaining power of individuals more and less alone. )

So, where does that bring us today, and what can we expect tomorrow? )

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Over the last few years, I've had a sneaking suspicion that somethings have happened in key years that changed the course of history. The first (and, perhaps, the second) involve the Baby Boom.

First, here's the boom in a graph (from this site):

Oh, he's ranting about the Boomers again. Will it never end?!? )

*It seems the NPR archive is not easily found. I refuse to enrich private podcast caches with a link. You'll have to search it, but it is easily found. Seriously, NPR, what can't you fuck up?
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By now, everyone has heard about what is happening seemingly all at once in Wisconsin, Michigan and Ohio. Republican governors are trying to ram "emergency" legislation through their senates and houses that would strip the most robust union demographic, public employees, of their collective bargaining rights.

Here's a question: Why now?

I haven't seen this point raised by anyone, but I think it has everything -- and I mean everything -- to do with the baby boom generation.

Hear me out. )

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I recently posted about what I see as evidence of the aging Baby Boomers and their vast demographic as this age group wrinkles through time. (I wrote that in a bit of a doom-and-gloom mood, it seems from the tone. Hmmm. . . . ) As I was trying to explain this premise of future investment market instability to someone, I realized some of the back data points that support the final premise are sorely missing from my original post, and I'd thought I'd go back and add those bits of evidence. )
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People occassionally accuse me of being cynical. I don't think I am. I am just seeing the world around me, and extrapolating on possible causes and effects. Sometimes I project these extrapolations toward tomorrow.

Take the Baby Boomers. At the moment, they are about to destroy the world around them. )


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