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By now, most must concede that, when it comes to voting machines, problems exist. Yes, most will grant that. What they will not grant is evidence that something conspiratorial actually happened.

Until now:

Five Clay County officials, including the circuit court judge, the county clerk, and election officers were arrested Thursday after they were indicted on federal charges accusing them of using corrupt tactics to obtain political power and personal gain. . . .

According to the indictment, these alleged criminal actions affected the outcome of federal, local, and state primary and general elections in 2002, 2004, and 2006.

(Emphasis mine.)

Election tampering? Not historically unknown. Election tampering that can be neither traced nor (thanks pressure from the folks that make the tampering possible) corrected? That, folks, might be uniquely American.
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From this:

Newly obtained computer schematics provide further detail of how electronic voting data was routed during the 2004 election from Ohio’s Secretary of State’s office through a partisan Tennessee web hosting company. . . .

The flow chart shows how voting information was transferred from Ohio to SmarTech Inc., a Chattanooga Tennessee IT company known for its close association with the Republican Party, before the 2004 election results were displayed online. (Emphasis mine)

Techie Candy

Though the article also interviews another expert who finds the schematic "inconclusive," Spoonamore continues by noting something very, very odd:

Spoonamore notes that on election night in 2004, he observed what he calls the "Connally anomaly," in which eight Ohio counties that had been reporting a consistent ratio of Kerry votes to Bush votes suddenly changed at about 11 pm and began reporting results much more favorable to Bush. Election tallies in these counties, plus a few others, also showed the unlikely result of tens of thousands of voters choosing an extremely liberal judicial candidate but not voting for Kerry.

Spoonamore immediately suspected that a Man in the Middle attack had occurred but had no idea how it could have been carried out. It was not until November 2006 that the alternative media group ePluribus Media discovered that the real-time election results streamed by the office of Ohio's Secretary of State at had been hosted on SmarTech's servers in Tennessee. . . .

By then, SmarTech had become embroiled in the White House email scandal, during which it was discovered that accounts at,, and other Republican Party domains which were hosted by SmarTech had been used by White House staff, instead of their official government email accounts, to avoid leaving a public record of their communications. When subpoenaed by Congress, the White House said the emails had been accidentally deleted. (Emphasis mine.)

Folks, Darwin did not concoct his Theory of Natural Selection by examining one damned finch. He followed his suspicions down several lines of inquiry, arriving at what William Whewell called the Consiliance of Induction, "the unification of knowledge between the different branches of learning." In this story we have (based on exit polling) the highly unlikely Ohio 2004 election results, a blip in the election night results coverage that changed at a fix time, a subsequent scandal involving the same involved third party where emails are erased en masse, completely by a suspect computer schematic showing exactly how the same involved party could have changed election results. Consiliance achieved.

For all of you overseas who constantly wonder why we stupid 'Mericans elected those jackasses that have consistently worked to destroy our planet's future over the last eight years, know this: We didn't.
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In West Virginia, "Three Putnam County voters say electronic voting machines changed their votes from Democrats to Republicans when they cast early ballots last week."

In Tennessee, an electronic voting machine flips an Obama vote to Green Party Candidate Cynthia McKinney.

Meanwhile, all the airwaves carry right now are stories on a few questionable ACORN voter registrations. Which, around here, might just be because four of the five local TV news stations have apparently and ILLEGALLY extended credit to the Republican candidate.

Excuse me, Dear Reader Out There: Do you believe a liberal media dominates the country? In any effective liberal vote tampering? If so, please bring your teeth a bit closer. My clue bat is lonely.
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Stephen Spoonerman gave a series of YouTube interviews on electronic voting. Watch them, and you will at least know what might very well happen in a few weeks.

He predicts McCain/Palin by 52.1%
and 3 Electoral votes
in this interview, Part 9.

The last few sentences he delivers in the final section (Part 10) should be viewed by everyone in the United States.

If his prediction about McCain/Palin comes to pass even a little, expect a burst of random gunfire from my neighborhood. . . followed by more careful targeting.
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I've written about this before, but feel the need to summarize just a bit for those unfamiliar with the situation here in the States. After all, we've got an election approaching. Essentially, I strongly feel very powerful people are in power simply because those that back them manipulated the results of several elections. I'm writing this post as a primer to those who haven't been following this information.

I don't blame those of you out there who have trouble swallowing this claim whole. The mainstream press hasn't been doing much of a job following it for you. They have instead dedicated their diminishing reporting resources to stories cheaper and easier to investigate, like Lohan and Spears, leaving labor-intensive follow-ups to voting irregularity charges largely unchecked. That doesn't mean there aren't people out there following these leads; it just means these people don't show up on the 6 O'Clock news.

Let's start with Bev Harris at Black Box Voting here in Puget Sound. As featured in the movie Hacking Democracy, she stumbled upon the source code for the Diebold voting machines online, and realized the security holes the code revealed threatened any vote handled by them. Combine that with Diebold President Waldon O'Dell's written claim that his company would work toward "helping Ohio deliver its electoral votes to the President," one can easily see Harris's reason for concern.

Okay, one can dismiss that above claim as specious. I've noted no hard evidence for election results compromise, after all. Hacking Democracy does demonstrate quite convincingly that the Diebold machines are unsecure in a scene near the end of the movie; that demonstration, however, does not prove anything but the possibility.

How about a sworn affidavit? Clint Curtis was a life-long Republican and programmer working in Florida. His employers asked him to do something he felt wrong, to write code that would help them control the vote. Read his sworn affidavit to find out the whole story. Really, it should be turned into a Grisham novel. It's that good.

Curtis later ran for office in a district that used the machines his old employers provided. He lost, but sued, stating the election was rigged and that -- since he himself had done it -- no one would be able to see any evidence of tampering. (It looks like he is still running for office.)

On the off-chance that Curtis, with his mountain of verifiable evidence and the current investigation into the death that prompted his affidavit doesn't convince (see the BradBlog archives for the story; I apologize, but I lost it), how about the 2004 election? Here in Washington State, the governorship was won by (supposedly) less than 200 votes. The commercial media bit the GOP bait and blamed King County's registration of felons and the dead for the close race. Ah, but what almost no one hears about today happened just a few miles north of King County. In Snohomish County:

  • Absentee ballots composing 2/3 of the total ballots showed a Democratic lead of 97044 to 95228 votes, while the remaining 1/3 of the votes, on touch screens, showed a Republican lead of almost 5% (50,400 Republican to 42,145 Democratic).

  • Vote-switching and machines freezing up occurred in 58 polling locations out of approximately 148 total. There is a high correlation between the problem machines — as reported by KING5 news — and the Republican percentages the machines reported.

  • Statistical analysis of machines that recently had their CPUs repaired shows a propensity for Republican voting that is present but weak on the individual level but strong at the polling location where the machines were placed.

  • The average of the 58 polling places reporting vote switching, freeze-ups, or repairs within two weeks of the election was 11.58% more favorable to Republican Dino Rossi than absentee voters did, and averaged 10.8% more votes than Gregoire on election day, while Rossi’s overall spread among all electronic voters at all polling locations was under 5%.

  • These discrepancies pointed to statistical improbabilities that truly stagger the imagination: the chances that the election results from these machines were accurate are 1 in 1,000 trillion.

    Going back to 2004, how about doing some googling on Kent Blackwell, former Ohio Secretary of State (and therefore in charge of elections in 2004) . . . and the co-Chair of the Bush-Cheney campaign in Ohio. When the Secretary of State stoops to abominable tricks (all verified and some in which he has claimed pride) to suppress the democratic vote, abandon all thoughts of a happy future.

    "Barack Osama?" How's that for a manipulative ballot?

    A quick scan of Brad's Blog shows that Sequoia is still having problems proving the integrity of their machines, and that New York voters will receive the above absentee ballot in the mail soon. Dirty, dirty tricks abound. As well, my voter-integrity friends have told me (but not sent the links to) of yet another whistle-blower. He claims we can expect a McCain victory by 3 electoral votes.

    If that happens, it's time to buy a gun. All I need is a guilty target.

    Addendum, Later that Day: By coincidence, I checked out the October 9 Democracy Now!, and found it was dedicated to voter suppression, the kind of shenanigans Ken Blackwell pulled. Check it out. I do especially like the fact that the new Secretary of State, Jennifer Brunner, is not a Blackwell clone.

    Here's another taste, Greg Palast's piece done for the BBC and shown on DN!.

    Update, After the Election: I only started to relax after I saw this year's "Treehouse of Terror" episode from The Simpsons. It aired the day before the election. It opened:

    Why is this important? The Simpsons is seen widely by many who don't give a rat's ass about politics. If something "funny" happened the next day, all those who saw Homer get screwed out of his vote would wonder if something really had happened, if those ranting lefties really had a case. This short opening mainstreamed the issue of electronic election skullduggery, giving the issue far more weight than rantings on any of the Sunday morning wonk fests.

    I sincerely believe Homer Simpson may have saved our country.
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    Folks, see Hacking Democracy. Do it now. This low-budget documentary follows Bev Harris of Black Box Voting as she attempts to expose the discrepancies electronic voting machines here in the United States produce.

    The best part was watching a hacked memory card like the one shown above change results in a mock election. It turns out a bit of executable code on one of these cards will allow someone to affect an election in anyway he or she chooses -- without leaving a trace or raising suspicion. An election worker present at the demonstration broke down in tears when she realized her county's election results probably do not reflect the will of the voters. It's powerful stuff.

    Sure, sure, I've written about this stuff before, but that's only because I would enjoy living in a democracy. Oh, and for those of you outside the US who wonder what in the hell is happening: This movie should explain just about everything.

    Sadly, it appears our country has been HijACKED.
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    Folks, I have a simple request. Watch the video on this web page. That's all I ask. It should dismay everyone who truly believes in democracy, and answer some questions about what happened two years ago.

    After you're done with that number, if still interested in the subject you might be interested in Clint Curtis' Affidavit in Brad Blog (check out the PDF), a document I printed one day after it was posted and have literally been carrying in my work attache for almost 2 years, just to show the stubborn that what was shown by Princeton to be possible in the Diebold movie above probably happened with the ES&S machines.

    Then, for you in the northwest, forget all the King County smoke blown up our collective asses by the media for a while and read Appendix B, "Election Irregularities in Snohomish County, Washington, General Election 2004," where you find a strong case for some real meat-and-potatoes fraud by Sequoia Voting Systems, Incorporated:

    The chances that 2/3 of the vote would show a Democratic lead of 97044 to 95228 votes, while the remaining 1/3 of the vote on touch screens would show a Republican lead of almost 5% (50,400 Republican to 42,145 Democratic) as a result of voters randomly choosing whether to vote by paper ballot or by touch screen is one in 1,000 trillion! A true impossibility.

    There are three manufacturers of voting theft voting machines in this country. All three are covered with these above examples as probably compromised and corrupt.

    Folks, I am sorry to say without any exageration that we in the United States can no longer prove we live in a democracy.

    I for one would like my country back.


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